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Sunday, 1 March 2009

I'm developing a twitch.....

One of the great pleasures in life is sitting up in bed on a Sat/Sun mornng looking out of the window at the garden and fields beyond. To add a little extra something I hung a bird feeder from the snowy mespilus and hey presto - we've got great and blue tits. Well it is cold.

Then we noticed the neighbour had peanuts.

So we've got peanuts.

Then the other neighbour had thistle seeds.

So now, we've got bird seed, sunflowers, thistle seeds, fat balls, peanuts and a ground feeder! Talk about competitive bird feeding - we're in the olympics. Worthwhile though - some of the birds we regularly see in our Derbyshire garden are:
  • Blue, great, coal/marsh and long tailed tits
  • chaffinch, gold finch, green finch , bull finch
  • siskins
  • nuthatch
  • redpolls
  • robins
  • sparrows and dunnocks
  • wrens
  • blackbids and song thrushes
  • pheasants
  • pidgeons, collarded doves
  • greater spotted woodpecker
  • pied and yellow wagtail
  • And we've even see a kingfisher, coot and 2 ducks on the pond!

Who says birdseed isn't worth it?


Jean said...

Got any squirrels?

NickL said...

Stranegly no...they seem to be avoiding our garden, nothing to do with me........