Random thoughts of a rapidly ageing Englshman who wishes he was retired and living in Fance

Friday, 6 March 2009

Has anyone seen my tea?

One of these days I'll find it, first time, without even having to think about it. It'll just be there where I left it waiting for me to need it, and what's more I'll rmember where that is.

Now wouldn't that be nice?
Am I getting old? For that matter is it an age thing? I mean do you know where your MOT certificate is? Or the paper bit of your driving licence? Those are the easy ones! How about the receipt for the last pair of shoes you bought? The dogs vaccination certificate. My vaccination certificate. The instructions for setting the clock on the microwave. My grade 1 violin certificate. We need a huge house and a filing clerk just to look after it all.

If only the digital age had started a good 55 years or so earlier, perhaps I'd have all those millons of bits of paper I can never find on a memory stick.

Which I'd loose.
Or Lulu would eat it.

Ho Hum.

Now where did I put my cuppa....?


Susan said...

Hmmm...are you sure you want to live in France?

NickL said...

Re: Lulu
So far she's eaten a clicker (a doggy training aid for those that are wondering), our new RSPB membership cards, 2 doormats, our flip flops (parts of), her pillow, various socks and assorted underwear, numerous biros, a trowel (handle of), our aspidestra, grown from a cuttuing from a plant purchased in 1972 and therefore a family heirloom..............the list goes on.