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Friday, 13 March 2009

How hard is this?

The problem with all this technology is..its all a bit too mystifying.

I mean why don't you get the little pictures by the commenter's comment?
And why doesn't Jean's picture appear next to her comments when she makes them? After all, they do when I make them!!!

Not only that but every other blog I've looked at (well both of them) has images and even a hit counter. Why hasn't mine?

Trouble is She Who Must Be Obeyed has asked and we all know what that means!!!

How hard can it be? Eveyrone must want the little pictures so you'd expect them to appear. Mr Google didn't get where he is without giving folk what they want, so how hard an it be?

I've used the default settings, and I bet everyone else does too. I've even got the box on the settings menu comments tab "show profile images" ticked as YES , (which is the default), but... don't get the little profile images.

It must be in the settings - what else is there? I've played with them or at least looked at them but no, I can't see it.


Obviously I'm looking at the wrong thing.

So why is it?

Of course the answer is simple.....

It doesn't work.

Now I could spend (more) hours researching and trying different things, but we all know the result will be the same.

What you really need is black magic, smoke, mirrors, wet string and ....... a teenager.

Oh look, its time to polish the bike ....


Simon said...

Nick - you need to get yourself a hit counter - I use statcounter. Just sign uo (it's free) and follow the instructions. You will get heaps to stats to play with too!

As far a photos of your commenters goes - no idea. I have checked your page source and html coding against mine and it all look more or less the same - I certainly don't have any extra coding for comment photos. I have also checked the help files to no avail.

Maybe clicking the "Show profile images on comments?" to no, saving and then reclicking yes might save it.

NickL said...

Thanks Simon, you are right about the hit counter, I've spent ages fiddling withthe Google settings trying to work out why I didn't have one. I'll have a play and see what happens.

One day I'll get the hang of this stuff...fighting with it is making me feel old!