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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Its 5 o'clock ..... somewhere

What is it about citron vert? Is it the smell, the flavour or the zing factor?

I've staggered home from an oh so loooonnnggggggg day with the Orientals, the Arabs, the Indians and Mexicans.

Did I say Mexicans? What does that remind me of?

Limes and home made Fruit Cordial.

Or possibly one of the most refreshing drinks known to man/woman.

Put 8 or so ice cubes in a cocktail shaker (go buy one - a cheap stainless steel one is perfect - you won't regret it)
Take 2 limes and cut a slice from one, setting it aside.
Squeeeeze the limes over the ice in the shaker. A few juicy bits if lime won't hurt so don't filter it.
Add 2 shots of Gold Tequila, taking care when you sniff the cork.
Then a good half shot of White Tequila
And a half of Tripple Sec........
and a half of Grand Marnier (the French invented it just for this purpose)
and then one and a bit of Roses Lime Cordial (or if in France any lime cordial you can find - it ain't easy).

Now lid and shake for 30 seconds. Feel good while you are doing it. Think about the lime, the zing, shorts, sunshine, a beach........

Pour into a couple of glasses (salt or sugar the rims if you like), add some more ice, halve the slice of lime and perch on the rim, a couple of straws and.....


You just made


One of life's great pleasures and sure to leave you chilled and taste buds twinkling for quite some time.

(With special thanks to Jimmy Buffett for inspiration and the recipie).


Simon said...

I assume you have found the large 1 litre bottles of nothing but lemon and/or lime juice in France? They cost about the same as the little lemon shaped squeezy yellow plastic bottles, and as far as I can tell contains identical ingredients - pure fruit juice.

Excellent for all sorts of applications - from squeezing over prawns as you wok them, to making citron pressé.

Magarita Time. Reminds me I have to build a BBQ area....

NickL said...

An Australian without a BBQ??????

Susan said...

Mate, even Australians end up 'between barbecues' sometimes.