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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Its suprising what you can do with a wire brush.

Have you ever wanted a chainsaw? Or a pickaxe?

Its not that I don't enjoy planting the odd bulb or dead-heading the petunias, its just that, well, ummm, I suppose I like to see a difference for my labours. Right now.

Its the same with decorating, not that I'd done much in recent years...till we got the petite maison that is.....

We nipped over for the weekend to do a spot of cleaning up after the builders who'd not only shown up but actually put the new window in the right wall, changed the right window/doors and modifid the main bedroom, laid a new terrace and generally done exactly what we'd asked for. Basil Fawlty would have been beside himself. Not only that but though a fabulous fusion of friendship and landscape gardening, the cleaning was well on its way with the floor washed and the fire lit. Thanks Alex and Nicole.

Can you spot the new window?

Anyway back to the plot. I was a Man on a Mission. Having basked in the success of my efforts with the beams in the salon, every time I sat on the loo I looked up and thought, I must to sort those beams out, and this was my opportunity. Have you ever tried cleaning a couple of hundred years worth of what can best be described as a sort of plaster based french whitewash off ancient beams? I know I have.

Here's an action shot of your's truley wire brushing the beams - you may think its a rubbish photo, but the air really was that thick with dust......
Sooooo satisfying! Even if my glasses steamed up because I had the mask on upside down for the first hour.


Jean said...

How long were you up there holding up the ceiling like that?

NickL said...

3 Days....and it made my arm ache.

Thank heavans for alcohol.

Simon said...

One wonders why you look up when sitting on the loo. I daren't because I KNOW I will see a ceiling even worse than yours was. I have a false ceiling to remove, the removal of which may (will) be fun - but all that cleaning up after myself??

Susan said...

I want to know how the alcohol was being administered under the circumstances pictured!

And be thankful you don't have years of pigeon poo to remove from your beams, like we will eventually.

NickL said...

What is it about pidgeons that make their poo so industrial? Just wait till you see a picture of our grenier pre Alex & Nic cleanup. Must have been at least 9 inches (thats real measurements for lots of centipedes or whatever it is the youngsters use) of the stuff.