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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Another day, another sandwich!

Why is it that when you are quietly minding your own business munching through The Wife's Carefully Prepared (and only slightly scary) sandwiches, visitors turn up? What was wrong with 11 o'clock? Why wait till 12:32 and half way through a cold pork and apple sarnie to come and annoy me?

Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to! I'm sure that sort of thing never happens in France. No decent Frenchman (or to be politically correct person) would dream of disturbing someones sandwich. Come to think of it the problem simply wouldn't arise, no Frenchie worth their Tricolour would dream of eating a sandwich at their desk. So why do we do it?

It seems to me the answer is simple, in France food is not fuel, its a way of life. Many workers get luncheon vouchers (whatever happened to them?) and eat at their local restaurant, where the ritual of a proper lunch and relaxing conversation is dutifully observed. If you hop across the channel (if you're reading this from other than the UK, get an atlas) for your hols, do yourself a favour and do lunch. Watch, listen and learn.

We've been entertained in posh places by tables of businessmen spending 2 hours discussing the local cuisine with their visitors, and in not so posh places by lorry drivers having the exact same conversation. You'll be amazed at the number of local folk turning up for the day's set 3 courses and a carafe of local plonk, a chat with their mates and absolutely no talk about work. Two hours later thy are nourished and relaxed ready for another four hours ranting about nothing. Compare that with your daily routine - beetroot on the keyboard and working the phone with a mouthful of sausage roll.

All of which has absolutely nothing to do with this rather fine picture
I don't know what it is about the French that makes them want to build such fabulous bridges (with a little expert help from us Brits of course), but if you really want to see how to get across a ravine, estuary or whatever....go have a look. And yes the sky really is that colour, why we can't have one like that over here is yet another mystery.

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