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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Err....... Now what do I do?

This is coming as a bit of a surprise to me....I never thought I'd make it to the 21st century let alone embrace its charms and foibles........such as blogging.

In fact I can safely say I didn't know what a blog was until recently and in reality, I'm not sure I do now but apparently everyone does it, so here goes. I've been a little ispired by a couple of blogs with wonderful photos and articles diarising their author's such interesting lives. So I though I'd have a go.

Today - Tuesday - I got up and caught the train to work. Did I mention my weetabix? I had sandwiches for lunch which were made by my wife and at the appointed hour....I caught the train home. Then I walked the dog, cooked and ate diner and wrote this.
Tomorrow, I'll probably do the same.

Here's an interesting photo of some flowers on a tree/bush/shrub in the public gardens in Descartes. the interesting thing is I've no idea what it is called

But its very pretty.

Now you're probably thinking this is rubbish, and you'd probably be right, but bear with me and I'll do my best to entertain.

We have a manic standard poodle called Lulu. She's nearly 7 months old and frankly I have to say looking a bit skinny since she had her first Big Girls Haircut yesterday.

She's so very cute and rarely still long enough to capture on the old digital camera. Why do they take so long? You'd think with all this technology and stuff you'd press the button and hey...its done. But no, you have to wait while everything moves and the snazzy camera has a good long think about whether to take the picture...or maybe not. If anybody ever made a digital camera that took the photo when you pressed the button, they'd sell millions.

Anyway I digress. One of Lulu's favourite tricks is playing opposites! Apparently something called "children" like to do this as well. How you play is you let your dog do something - like go out into the garden - and then you command her to do something that you know she knows how to do - like "come here" or "sit". Doggy then does the opposite. You can play this game for ages and even add a bit of chasing and pretending to shout in a gruff voice (this is hard as you'll be having so much fun). For an easy version, wait till doggy does what you are intending asking and then shout the command just before she finishes, e.g. shout "come" just as she arrives at your feet, although 9 times out of 10 this will send her scurrying away......

Phew, I've done it. My first ever blog.

Do I get a badge

or a certificate

or just locked up?

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Susan said...

Lulu – si moelleux!

Your lovely flowering shrub is Hydrangea aspera Villosa Group.